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Take part in our 2024 Conference Programme

The Tech Show London Conference Programme hosts an exciting array of highly engaging debates, workshops, fireside chats and presentations led by the most inspirational leaders in tech across the globe. If you have an interesting case study or presentation topic to share, or perhaps you would like to join in on a panel discussion, please apply to speak in the Conference Programme via our Call for Papers form below.

Please note: Technology vendors / consultancies can only enter the Conference Programme through sponsorship activity. Please apply on the sponsorship link for further information.

Some tips for Session Success:

- Use a title that says clearly what it is - titles drive attendance.

- Present something new and relevant to the audience.

- Use real examples - avoid abstract terms and acronyms.

- Use storytelling and data to illustrate key points.

- Take questions during the session.

- Use quizzes and questions to keep the audience engaged.

- Field a speaker who is engaging, knowledgeable and passionate - good speakers drive attendance.

- Be prepared to quantify costs, time-frames and outcomes with at least comparative data.

- Don’t start with a slide “Who we are”.

- Don’t start by assuming you know the audience - if possible ask them / have an idea of what they want to know BEFORE launching into the conversation.

- Don’t stick to the script - it may be far better to answer audience questions than run the planned presentation.

- Don’t read slides - tell a story.

- Don’t use more than 10 slides for a 30 minute presentation and make sure at least 10 minutes are left for interaction and dialogue.

- Don’t avoid answering questions of how much it costs or how long to deploy by saying: “it depends” - give an illustration with possible ranges and contexts.


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